6 Well-liked Types Of Phone Cases

6 Well-liked Types Of Phone Cases

A phone case not solely must be fashionable, it also must be robust sufficient to offer the desired affect resistance. The case comes in loads of totally different supplies that adjust within the degree of protection provided. Listed here are six of the materials used to create the preferred phone cases:


Essentially the most price-effective choice for shielding the phone is with the cases made in plastic. Such a case can give the most primary safety, but isn't very effective at providing shock protection. Additionally, the low-quality cases in this material can be fairly hard and even scratch the outer surface of the smartphone.


Rubber is appreciated for its skill to provide a helpful stage of impact and shock protection, and most are fairly low-cost. They are nice at giving a good and cushty match, but this material isn't the simplest to scrub and can easily get dirty. Also, the rubber material will begin to loosen or develop over time, which suggests there's the danger of the phone slipping out of its case.

Silicone Gel

The IPHONE SE CASE in silicone gel can also be useful for giving a high degree of shock protection. This type of material does not stretch like rubber, and could be very slim and light. Many of these cases are colored or translucent to offer complete management over the look and feel of the phone.

Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber material is ideal for the phone owner that desires a high level of protection. The fabric is very lightweight and durable and even has the flexibility to guard a phone from harm after being dropped on a hardwood or concrete floor. Plus, the case on this material is very trendy and may leave the phone looking glossy and high-tech.


The wood phone case helps to create probably the most stylish and distinctive look, while still offering a useful degree of protection. A common wood material is maple, which is simple to offer a easy end and as soon as applied with a coat of natural oil it is able to guard the phone against scratches. Plus, the wooden case will be mixed with other supplies like leather-based and polycarbonate to provide the most full protection and classy design.


The polycarbonate material is a really robust kind of plastic that's able to give the most effective protection in opposition to impact damage. One of these case is perfect for the phone proprietor that is more considering protecting their property against injury, and never so involved with the visual issues. Website URL: